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Inspection of buildings and constructions

Each existing building project should be observed for reliability and safety at all stages of the life cycle. Inspection of buildings and constructions includes inspection of the technical state of construction projects and monitoring of their technical condition. They determine the current level of compliance with the terms of normal and safe operation.

Inspection of buildings (constructions) is a procedure of evaluation of buildings (constructions) technical state. Based on the results (real values of test parameters) of the building or another construction technical inspection it is possible to define the serviceability of the object for next exploitation, reconstruction or define the necessity in refurbishment, reinforcing, maintenance of building constructions.

Technical inspection of buildings also includes inspection of building constructions in order to define a change in their facilities, deformational damages, disadvantages and current carrying capacity of building’s engineer construction.

The causes for technical inspection of buildings can be the expiration of building’s (construction’s) term of exploitation, evaluation of different kinds of defects and damages during the technical maintenance, results of natural disasters and fires, an absence of project design documentation etc.

The use of the up-to-date equipment in the technical inspection of buildings and constructions allows us to get and offer a customer the accurate estimate of engineering state of building constructions, find the disadvantages and give recommendations for further safe exploitation.

A technical inspection of buildings and constructions is carried out in two steps: a tentative (visual) inspection of a building (construction); a detailed (instrumental) inspection of a building (construction).

A detailed  inspection of building (construction) includes: detailed study of project and as-built documentation, testing of concrete strength characteristics of examined building constructions, sampling of material, determination of joints deformation size, crack width and depth, depth of concrete cover and other testings and means of building (construction) inspection required for preparation of report about building inspection.

The report on engineering state of a building (construction) at the end of a building or construction inspection includes:

 assessment of building constructions engineering state (category of engineering state);
 results of building (construction) inspection, substantiating an accepted category of engineering state of building constructions, object at large;
substantiation of the most probable reasons for the appearance of defects and damages in constructions diagnosed during building (construction) inspection;
assessment of physical deterioration of building constructions and engineering systems of building in accordance with regulatory requirements;
recommendations for repair and renewal operations for the elimination of detected during an inspection constructions defects and damages;
results of measurement works (plans, frontages, layers, etc.) in program AutoCAD;
schemes and lists of defects and damages with fixation of their places and kinds, and also with a reference to photo materials. As well as schemes of places of manufacture, developing, exploration of constructions;
the object’s photo materials with the description of detected during a building (construction) inspection defects and damages;
results of determination of strength properties of materials applied in constructions of the building by way of taking instrumental examinations with non-destructive testing methods, and also laboratory examinations (if necessary).

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